Friday, February 13, 2009

Taming our Tongue

Tomorrow will be my 29th birthday. Only one more year until the big 3-0. I know age is nothing but a number but I think about how quickly these years have gone by and what I have done for the Lord during those years. I can see now more than ever that God is doing a mighty work in not only my life but the lives of my family members as well. I praise God for the salvation of my family! I long to leave a Godly legacy for my daughter. This week at revival has really been well quite frankly painful. The Lord has shown me just how prideful I am. If you have not read the book entitled "Brokenness" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss then I highly recommend it. Man just this morning I was reading it and realizing just how wrong I was in a lot of areas of my spiritual walk. I want the Lord to get all the honor and glory for everything I saw and do and I am realizing that in fact while I say those words sometimes I am not showing that. I get upset if someone doesn't say "Good Job" or even bragging about what I made for the potluck dinner at church. That is pride! When we have pride in us that comes out in everything we do from our actions to our speech. Last night at revival the evangelist preached a wonderful message on the tongue and how it reveals what is really in our hearts. If we have a pure heart then we will have pure speech...but if we have a defiled heart then we will have a crooked, cutting, complaining and condemning tongue. When others hear us talk can they tell by our speech that we are Christians? Imagine on a Sunday after your church service and dressed in your Sunday best you go out to eat lunch with your family and well, the service is slow and then they didn't cook your steak the right way and you are sitting there complaining and cutting down the server with sharp and hurtful words. You didn't know that there was a young lady sitting at the booth behind you considering going to church to find out why Christians are so different from the world. But then she sees you sitting there in your Sunday best and hears the words coming out of your mouth. While they may not be cuss words they are mean words none the less. This turns her off from church because she thinks why should she become a Christian..I act like that person already and she never sets foot inside a church all because your steak wasn't well done. Let us remember to think before we speak and cry out to God to remove pride from our lives and to create in us a pure heart!

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