Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being Washed

I totally love it when God uses an example in my life to make me fully understand the point He is trying to make. Last night I told my 12 yr old to go take a shower. So after much stalling off she goes but once in the shower I hear her normal singing and dancing. When she is done she comes out and stands next to me. Well as I was making sure she got her hair dry enough I noticed that it did not smell clean and asked jokingly if she used soap to wash her hair and she said yes...then I put her arm up to my nose and smelled and again no soapy smell. I once again asked if she used soap in the shower which she then admitted no she did not. So I told her that she needed to go back in there and take another shower this time using soap, which she did in record time since she had used all the hot water in her first shower. While I was thinking about how she thought she had been "clean" but really wasn't the Lord showed me that we must continually wash our selves in God's Word. We can not just read enough so that we "look clean" but must get into God's Word to keep our hearts and mind clean and pure. In God's Word is a fountain of blessing that we can only access if we read and apply it to our lives.

Till Next Time~God Bless!


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Patty Wysong said...

LoL--We've been through the same scene at my house! What a great application! Wow. Makes me realize I've done the same thing! (ouch)
Thank you--I needed to hear that.

Sherri Ward said...

I've just read a few of your posts as well as this one. Praise God for the work He is doing in the hearts of His children! Be blessed!