Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My new favorite movie

Last week my husband and I sat down to watch the movie Fireproof. That movie had us laughing and crying throughout the entire movie. While I believe the Bible is the best source for marriage advice this movie will open your eyes to the way that we treat our spouses whether it be good or bad. A friend and I are going to be starting the Love Dare challenge on Valentines Day. I am looking forward to this as I believe it will help me to gain a deeper love and respect for my husband. I have struggled with submission to my husband for a long time and while the Lord is helping me in the area I still have a long way to go. How many of us are like Caleb? Or Catherine?? Or Wayne? I saw myself in each of those characters in the movie as well as the book. Wayne is self absorbed and prideful. So am I. Caleb is selfish and full of anger. I can be too. Catherine is also I believe selfish and proud. I can be too. But thanks be to God for it is by His grace and mercy that I can overcome those attributes and strive to become Christlike. Till next time God Bless!


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