Sunday, September 27, 2009


First I want to start off by saying what an amazing Lord's Day I had today.  I took the day off from work to go to our church homecoming service and what a blessing to my heart it was. We got to see former members of our church return to honor Pastor Brock who was the founding pastor of our church and to hear some wonderful preaching.  We had a guest preacher by the name of Tommy Aman and yes that is his real last name.  He is pastor of Rock Springs Baptist Church in Morrow, GA and the only words I can use to describe him is "Fired Up" (that was for you Cynthia P.)   His messages, all 3 times I have been blessed enough to hear him, have been more or less on prayer.  Today I was convicted of the lack of prayer in my life and by that I mean earnest, pleading and desperate praying.  Prayer doesn't come easy to everyone.  I know for myself I often struggle with praying out loud.  I know it is pride to worry about what others think of how I pray or what I pray for but for me praying is something special and the time I spend with the Lord is something so personal to me that I don't normally share it with others.  I am going to be reading some books on prayer but I know that the only way to get a prayer life is to start praying.  The two books I am going to be reading are Charles Spurgeon's "The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life" and "A Woman's Call to Prayer" by Elizabeth George.  If anyone is interested in reading either or both of these books with me and having a discussion please let me know. 

In closing today I am so thankful for my wonderful church family and my dear friends who help keep me grounded and reminding me that I have not arrived yet lol.  No one will until we reach those pearly gates and what a glorious day that will be!!!! 

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Leah said...


Pastor Brock's wife, Sandi, is a dear friend of mine and is my co-teacher for the Sunday school class I teach. She is also the person shepherding our Woman to Woman Mentoring ministry at FBC. She is such a wonderful lady and I am blessed to know her.

God bless you.