Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Quest for a simple life

I have been on a quest for sometime now to live a simple life and in the process of this quest I have overcomplicated life.  I have realized that I can live a simple God honoring life without having to "buy" new gadgets or books.  They just add to the clutter and chaos of my already overcrowded home.  I am finding though that it is the little things in this life that are helping us to "simplify" our lives.  My husband put up a clothesline for me yesterday.  This is just a temporary one as he wants to make sure I will faithfully use it once the newness wears off lol...oh he knows me so well, but isn't that how it goes..we have so many "projects" going and then they drop to the wayside once the newness wears off.  I have so many irons in the fire and I have realized, you know what I am NOT superwoman and in my trying to do "good things" I have neglected the best thing and that is my time with the Lord.  I feel like I have lost some of the fire I received at the True Woman Conference because I have put my focus on less important things.  I have prayed and decided that any ministries the Lord would have me to be involved in He will make known to me and until then I am going to spend my time in my prayer closet and in God's Word.  I want my daughter to be able to say that her mom left her a Godly legacy.  So as I continue on this journey of life I pray that God will use me as He sees fit and that I will be a ready and willing vessel for His service.

Till Next Time~

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