Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Snowfall!/Blogging Experience

Well we offically had our first trace of snow and its only October!! I have lived in the North GA mountains for 14 years and have never heard of it snowing this early. Now granted it did not lay on the ground but still it snowed and I was asleep to boot! My husband called me and told me that it had snowed and then another friend of mine posted on her http://www.facebook.com/ account that it had snowed as well! Okay so enough about snow..I am really loving this whole blog thing...I have been surfing and finding all sorts of interesting blogs to read because frankly mine are boring LOL! I am just getting started so getting ideas from other people and making them my own are really helping me I think...I love to read so I have found some book blogs and such. I will be posting links as time enables me to. I am very excited about all this and hope that you will stick around to see my blog improve! Talk to yall soon!


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