Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost done with training!

I am not sure if I posted this in a previous blog or not but I am currently in training for a new job as a customer care representative working from home. I have been in training since Monday Oct. 20th. The training times are from 6pm to 12:30am and for the whole first week I was working there and also getting up at 6am and going to a office job I still had. Well Friday was my last day there WOOHOO! Now I am home during the day until my training which is starting to make me loopy lol. I am not a night person at all nor am I a morning person either lol. But the Lord has allowed me to stay awake, alert and focused on all the things I am learning..and trust me it is ALOT! I am loving it though. Tomorrow night is our final night. We meet our team leads and also take a final test!! Then I go into production on Sunday night. I am nervous but also excited. Tony and Becca have been absolutely wonderful during this time. We do not have DSL at our house or a quiet room where I can work so I drive about 7 miles to my parents house and they let me work from there. They set up a little office for me. It is so nice! They have been so helpful in this as well. So please just pray that I will get this hang of this and not be too slow when I go into production Sunday night. Gotta keep those customers happy!! Till next time..GOD BLESS YOU!


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